Callling all LXF vets: Top Three Magazines Ever?

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Callling all LXF vets: Top Three Magazines Ever?

Postby Hudzilla » Wed Jul 20, 2005 10:07 am


If you were to choose your favourite three magazines ever, what would they be and why? Would it be LXF66 because of the shiny silver cover, LXF41 for my excellent AMD64 piece (*cough!*), LXF01 because it's worth a packet on Ebay, or LXF70 because you're always looking forward to the next issue? :)

This is quite a serious question, deep down. If we get enough responses we'll be able to see what we should be doing more of!

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RE: Callling all LXF vets: Top Three Magazines Ever?

Postby M-Saunders » Wed Jul 20, 2005 10:13 am

And to jog your memory, there's the Article List page with covers and contents:

(It's missing a few of the latest issues.)

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RE: Callling all LXF vets: Top Three Magazines Ever?

Postby Nigel » Wed Jul 20, 2005 11:50 am

Ouch - that's a difficult question. I get something from just about every issue. But glancing along the shelf in the office, the following issues stand out marginally from the others...

LXF05 - best cover ever IMHO. Tux surfing on a wave of ethernet cables. Dunno what the cover artist was on, but I want some...

LXF06 - My first taste of SuSE. I've tried other distros both before and since, but SuSE is the one I keep going back to.

LXF54 - Lots of goodies... continuation of Troutwars, my first taste of Audacity, and Knoppix on the cover disk, which about a month later saved my bacon when I had a hard drive start to die on me - booting the machine from Knoppix enabled me to archive pretty much all of the data before the disk finally died.

Like I say, these are marginal choices - I think all the issues have been good in one way or another, and if I were to trawl through them again in a week's time I'd probably pick three different ones.

Probably no help at all...

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RE: Callling all LXF vets: Top Three Magazines Ever?

Postby Rhakios » Wed Jul 20, 2005 6:39 pm

Linux Answers - gave me the knowledge and confidence to attempt my first installation, also chock full of useful tutorials.

LXF07 - I can recall the Go Faster article without much effort, so it must have made an impression.

LXF53 - The Ultimate Linux Box item was interesting and gave me plenty of ideas for building my own 64-bit box, even if it did make me wonder how the LXF crew manage their expenses.

There are other issues I have liked quite a lot and picking only three seems a little artificial, picking particular articles might have been better, but then reviewing 70 magazines to find everything I liked would be more than a little time consuming.
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RE: Callling all LXF vets: Top Three Magazines Ever?

Postby nordle » Sat Jul 23, 2005 5:21 pm

Its impossible to pick the best 3!

Sorry :)

I like a mix, news, interviews with corporate users, interviews with developers, coding, kernels, filesystems, hacking, patching, patents, copyright legal, hardware reviews, book reviews, audio/visual media stuff, encoding, ripping, playing, transferring, transfoming, streaming.

Issue 29 (July 2002) - Patching the Kernel
Issue 31 (Sept 2002) - Linux goes to Hollywood
Issue 32 (Oct 2002) - Building Better Databases
Issue 36 (Jan 2003) - Optimise Your Linux Box
Issue 38 (Mar 2003) - You, Copyright and the Law
Issue 41 (June 2003) - Hammer Time!
Issue 42 (July 2003) - All About X
Issue 44 (Sept 2003) - Do More! 40 Pages of Tutorials
Issue 52 (Apr 2004) - Making Movies
Issue 57 (Sept 2004) - Faster Filesystems
Issue 58 (Oct 2004) - 58 Cool Hacks
Issue 64 (Mar 2005) - Stop paying for software
Issue 66 (May 2005) - Take back the Web with Firefox
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Postby Erin » Wed Jul 27, 2005 8:31 pm

I'd be hard pushed to pick the best three. Some of the PHP and PERL tutorials have forced me into a typing frenzy after a Synaptic "install me" session. LXF was good, it means I now have 69 copies of LXF and am committed for another 13!

That's about as helpful as I can be. Sorry.

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