rsysc performance problems

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rsysc performance problems

Postby noquarter » Tue Jul 19, 2005 7:25 pm

Hi, I'm trying to mirror a directory of images from an internal machine to an external webserver. There are about 2000 images that don't really change very often.

here's the command i run

rsync -rv /home/website/latest/public/images/product user@server:/home/website/latest/public/images/

the directories are mirrored correctly, however the load on the destination server goes up from it's usual 0.1 to around 3 while the script is running. This is causing problems with my database, so i tried putting 'nice 19' on the end of the command. This did the trick on the destination machine, the load stayed low, however it shot up to 8 on the source machine which pretty much locked it up.

as most of the time there are no changes in the image directory I can't understand why this is thaking so much out of my servers. Is rsync just a resource hog or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help

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