Linking XP m/c to Linux Server [Red Hat Enterprise]- Help

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Linking XP m/c to Linux Server [Red Hat Enterprise]- Help

Postby PeterR » Thu Jul 14, 2005 10:53 pm

Some time ago, a techie type set me up at home with a Windows m/c linked to a Linux server via a local network [with a hub]. I was able to view a prototype web site on the server via a browser via an ip address. Recently, the server has had more memory installed and Red Hat Enterprise loaded. I urgently need to re-establish the connection so that I can view the web programs from the XP Windows mc. I was advised to turn on connection sharing which would. I was told, turn on 'DHCP' which apparently automatically assigns an IP address to the Linux server. I am out of my depth on this sort of thing. I have tried to follow the instructions for setting up a local connection with connection sharing etc but I have no idea how to determine what the ip address assigned to the Linux Server would be - eg where would I find it?
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RE: Linking XP m/c to Linux Server [Red Hat Enterprise]- Hel

Postby dandnsmith » Fri Jul 15, 2005 7:45 am

You can find the address, if you have command line access to the server, with the ifconfig command.

If you previously used an IP address to access the web site, chances are that it wasn't using DHCP, as you couldn't guarantee the address with that method.

Any chance you can get the techie type back to set things up again - whoever 'upgraded' the linux on the server without preserving vital settings deserves to be shot.
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