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Postby shifty_ben » Wed Jun 20, 2007 10:31 am

I fully support other people giving up, and have no issue with anyone doing so. I can understand your reasons for giving up Pootman, and if I had kids would probably be considering the same. It's nice to hear that some people don't smoke around their kids, I see people doing it in their cars every day, and that annoys me.

I've always felt smoking is a personal choice, as is giving up. One day i will probably decide that I need to give up for X reason, but at the moment I do not want to. I thought I did but I found I was wrong. Unfortunately it may be that I decide I am fed up of giving the Government money, and will give up out of principle.

Although smoking is (undeniably) bad for you, I cannot help feel that the ban et al is all to further someones political agenda, which means that alcohol will be next. I work in the licensed trade, and I am a smoker, so for my livelihood and my freedom of choice to be affected purely to further someones political career is not acceptable.

The governments figure collecting for smoking related disease is a sham - if you die of a heart attack at 100, if you smoked then its fag related. - which does make me very suspicious of the true motivation behind this ban. I think it is also outrageous that the Government feel it is necessary to place this ban upon us, but to exclude the Houses of Parliament from the legislation. It smacks of Political tactics.

I for one am fed up of living in a nanny state that legislates against anything and everything, I have always tried to be very courteous when i am smoking (do you mind? no thats fine I'll wait), though I realise others havent. As with many of the other reams of legislation in this country, I will not be a slave to this law, but will be working on the principle of morals (is it morally right to smoke around children? no. Is it morally right to put someone elses license and livelihood at risk by smoking in their pub? no.) What this country needs is less laws, and more people thinking about what is right and wrong from a moral stance.
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