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Linux Pictures

Postby comcamel » Thu Jun 23, 2005 4:10 pm

Well i am doing a bit of coursework for school, soon and for art and design i am going to use the Linux penguin - this i have already designed as a 3d animatiable model, that can be used in animations. So people probably can use it if it is good enough,

However i need people's opinions on it such as...

Looks Like Tux
Size or doesn't look odd.
Whether some features need chaning
Missing parts etc.
Would it look and work good from a newbies point of view

I know there are two things such as the "grey streak on the belly" are missing, but in my opinion aren't important.

I can provide screenshots, soon, just have to get laptop working and connect up...

Hope you like it and i have made it all by my self, just had to look at a previous model on the internet.

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