Pipepanic, GNU Robbo and RbVBA

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Pipepanic, GNU Robbo and RbVBA

Postby www.bnp.org.uk » Wed Sep 27, 2006 9:42 pm

Pipepanic is a great game and it's also available for the Sharp Zaurus, Opera Widgets and the Nokia 770 -> http://www.thunor.org.uk/pipepanic/index.html

GNU Robbo I have enjoyed for Linux ( http://gnurobbo.sourceforge.net/ ) and the Sharp Zaurus version is here -> http://www.thunor.org.uk

If you play Gameboy games (GB|GBC|GBA) on Linux and require a front-end then I can recommend RbVBA -> http://www.thunor.org.uk/rbvba/index.html

Great GPL stuff.

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