Free / Reduced Price LPI Exams at LinuxWorld Expo in London

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Do you plan to take any LPI exams at LinuxWorld Expo in London?

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Free / Reduced Price LPI Exams at LinuxWorld Expo in London

Postby penguintutor » Fri Sep 22, 2006 8:38 am

With the London LinuxWorld Expo coming up next month I thought it's worth letting everyone know about the offer on LPI Exams at the event.

A great way to get into Linux Certification with a vendor neutral linux certification programme.

Full conference delegates can take the 101 / 102 exams for free (ie. those paying for a days attendance or more).
Those attending the event for free get half price tests £40, instead of the usual £80.

Details of my first LPI certification exam taken at LinuxWorld Expo last year

The exams at LinuxWorld Expo are paper based, rather than the computer based version offered at most test centres, but the questions are the same, it just takes a little longer to get the results.

You can take 101 and 102 in any order, and can attempt both at the conference without having pass one first.

If you want to get an idea of what the exams involve you can test yourself on the Penguin Tutor (unofficial) LPI practice exams.

Get yourself on track to certification with the LPI exams.

LPI Website - LinuxWorld Expo Announcement
Linux World Conference and Expo Web site

More information to help towards certification is available at My Linux Certification Page

Good luck to anyone that takes the exams a LinuxWorld Expo, London.

PS. I'm not directly involved with LPI. I am just someone that is working through the LPI certification and thought this may be useful to others. The PenguinTutor web site, which I run, provides free information on Linux and LPI certification.
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RE: Free / Reduced Price LPI Exams at LinuxWorld Expo in Lon

Postby aleks » Sun Sep 24, 2006 1:25 am

I am planning on doing the LPI but I simply don't have time to learn everything before LinuxWorld. But any good links to learning material would really be apreciated.
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Level Three Exams at Linux World London

Postby gmcknight » Mon Sep 25, 2006 1:40 pm

Thanks Steven for the posting

We are offering the new Level Three exams at Linux World London as well and they are free of charge with the following conditions.

* The exams will run longer than usual exams because there will be many more items. Expect each exam to be on the order of 3 hours.
* The exams will be free. However, it will take a month or two for you to get your final results.
* A particular event will not occur if there are not enough qualified candidates to warrant the exam lab.
* More events will be added as LPI affiliates confirm that they can hold an event locally.
* Seating is limited
* If there is too much demand, we will seat LPIC-2 holders preferentially.

Here is a brief description of the Exam

During a period of consultation with some of LPI's partners, community members and Advisory Committees it became evident that two technology areas have a strong need for skills verification. These are the areas of authentication and file sharing services. More specifically:

* linux in a mission critical and mixed environment
* Advanced topics: capacity planning, troubleshooting, core network services
* authentication and naming
* network file/print services

The main technology focus of the first LPIC-3 exams will LDAP and Samba services. However, related and/or competing technologies will be examined.

Thank you
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