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RE: PureBasic

Postby RD » Sat Dec 03, 2005 4:33 pm

Yes, for basic in linux i tend to use realbasic, and if i have to use my laptop then vb.
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Postby rael » Sun Sep 03, 2006 11:27 am

I'm familiar with assembler for various 8 bit Microcontrollers, basic in various forms and visual basic 6 pro.

I have experimented with Gambas on Ubuntu when I had breezy badger loaded, it's a competent free IDE in the spirit of Linux.

It's not however recomended by the Ubuntu team... whethe because of (we don't do things like that around here", or because of genuine reasons, such as other superior IDEs.

If you do nothing but program, then certain aspects of a language can become irritating, usually in terms of scalability, extensability of methods to include your own additions. Visual Basic has been pretty good in that regard.

I was a little frustrated in Gambas to find that control arrays were not supported on the gui, at least on the version I downloaded.

Where I find an IDE excelent value, is in coding time. the gui you arrange on screen in the visual placement process is responsive to mouse actions in the design phase such that it will auto complete form code for GUI user generated events.

This is true for both Gambas and the microsoft VB products I've tried, but the process for linux IDEs such as boa constructor seems very messy in comparison.

I am trying to understand the differences in design philosophies between microsoft and Linux products, and it seems to me, that because Linux has been freely available, the support teams for Linux have had primarilly educational backgrounds versus Windows teams professional ones.

Professionally, a team is motivated of course by finance, time to market, blocking competition and market approval. Team approval does not sell... Geekishness obfuscates aquisition of technology by the masses.

Academically, a team is motivated by peer review. Further, most educational institutions work off government budgets, where as private teams work of the need to survive, and often, more lucrative remuneration.

Where private firms make market headway by being innovative, team leaders in educational institutions are often required to be conservative in comparison, and tend to collect more pedantic persons... those comfortable with teaching that which is already known.

I recall taking great delight in knowing how to program DOS batch files, programming in basic, and knowing my way around a PC in DOS many years ago... this is still a comparible comfort zone for many Linux supporters today, and I am thinking that for some, there is resentment at their expertees being marginalised by newer, more friendly generations of linux.

Microsoft's VB has been a good product... here's hoping that more linux programmers can learn from the positive example it's set, and make applications that are both intuitive, and flexible enough to reward the more inventive programmers amongst us.

I am hoping that a newer version of Gambas will compile to actually work stand alone on even my PC !
While python seems a nice compact language with excelent syntax, I've not yet seen a seamless IDE for it that has the same level of speed in GUI development that I had with VB. A pity, because I'd like to use it... but fit in with other projects that also deserve my attention.

No language should be worshipped in itself ! It offends my Athiest nature to see people elevating things beyond the context to which they are relevent.
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Postby cioannou » Wed Sep 13, 2006 4:41 pm

Unfortunately after all this time searching I did not manage to find something cool, easy and RAD like Powerbuilder.

In Powerbuilder you can design and run a form/window either DBMS related or not in less than 10min. And it will actually do something useful, insert,update,delete your data. (Datawindow ROCKS!!!)

A report with groups,simple grid or even crosstab can also be designed in minutes.

Filesystem access, e-mail functionality, pdf printing, event handling,reference to controls/objects, data management,reporting are as easy and quick as 1-2-3. The help file is by far the best I've ever seen, with real world useful examples and not quick and dirty references.

The project structure is workable, you don't have to look in neverending header files or wondering what library you have to import to get needed functionality.

In general you don't have to code until you drop in order to write a nice looking real world application that will solve a company's problem very quickly.

That's what I am looking for Linux......and probably won't find soon.

Hey you guys at Sybase, please please please give us PB for Linux.
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