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Postby Hello » Thu Jul 20, 2006 5:57 pm

What a time to be off work. It too lazy to do anything though other than go to the beach and for a drink
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Postby nordle » Thu Jul 20, 2006 10:15 pm

nelz wrote:
nordle wrote:Time to go commit genocide.

Mosquitoes or cyclists?

Some people are picky aren't they, I mean, I have to decide?

Its amazing the info we can gleam from this site, I soacked my cuffs a few times today, it certainly works! But you do look like you have a basic inability to wash your hands properly, or some very weird sweat pore location :)

I also put a large mug of ice cold water behind the office fan we've managed to nick.

The CO2 thing on mozzies is good to know, I guess its always best to read up on ones enemies If this goes on I will look at how much a LARGE standing low rpm fan is, added bonus of airflow.
Im not sure I would trust myself with burning propane, not to mention the whole monoxide poisoning thing :)

For the moment I shall stick to the mass eradication programme. I used to use a spare magazine, but found the impact left print on the walls, so now I use a magazine still in its film wrapper, works a treat.
(no, not on cyclists.....although..)

I've found their natural reaction is to always fly up off of a surface where possible, so by angling the face of the weapon to be broought down top first, there's a much higher success rate.

jjmac wrote:We've had a really brain dead gov policy on all levels of R & D for decades now. The mind really boggles sometimes in that respect.

Are you sure you don't live in Britain?

I think that maybe in 300 years, if the planet is still here, they may look back and laugh at the early tech peasants (us) who believed in democracy.

If you think about it, you vote in a bunch of people without them actually having a job, ie they sort out who does what after they have been elected.
So right away, the system is bizarre.

And then, essentially, they try to retain power. So most of what they do is not radical, its short term and populist. ie no governement is going to admit there is a mahor problem and cut how much fuel we can use by 50%, only use electric 4 days per week, only allowed 1 car per family, 1 plane journey every 2 years etc
These are not vote winners, even if they are the _right_ thing that needs to be done.

A political party needs to win votes to obtain power and retain power, its all about the power and very little substance.

PS. no I don't have any better ideas :than democracy :)
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Postby GMorgan » Fri Jul 21, 2006 4:57 pm

It has been suggested that a machine could run earth but that has its obvious problems. What about a robot that hunts down and removes politicians that under perform. May not be an effective form of rule but it would be far more interesting than the current system.
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Postby jjmac » Mon Jul 24, 2006 11:39 am

nordle wrote:
A political party needs to win votes to obtain power and retain power, its all about the power and very little substance.

Yes, unfortunately. I would really like to see party donations made totally visible for one ... Even when they do get the boot, if they have been able to hang on long enough, they will just go into business as advisors/consultants and take on lobbying roles. Make very good money in the process.

Back on the mossy thing ...
read up on ones enemies
:D, very good... yes, mossies can be dealt with though, after having set up a reasonable ground to air defencive system.

What can be really tricky, ... trying to escape from a maurading heard of very hungry leaches, that charge while a person is trying to have a bucket bath in the forest, first thing in the morning. The type of thing that can be hard to explain to a ranger if one gets spied running around like that, at that time, as such (grin). There really silent too, no warnings.


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