How to install drivers at all? and how do you install NWN?

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Postby tablewolf » Thu May 11, 2006 1:03 am

GMorgan Thanks for the help with neverwinternights. So there's an install script on undrentide you say? So I guess that would just be a case of logging in as root in the konsole, cd to the dir containing the file and typing 'sh' ? (without the 'quotes' obviously.)
BTW, my nvidia drivers have installed on knoppix easily before (when I'm not reformatting the machine trying out new distros). It made a huge differnce to the game 'chromium', and that tux snowboarding game on mempis ran at 90fps. I am sure that will be fine for NWN. I dont know what SDL is though.
I dont mind if I cant watch the ingame movies, I just wanted to play multiplayer games in NWN and maybe host a server for my friends, but just playing the game will do fine as a starting point.
So what is Cedega? is it like WINE? I have used that before to play online viz games, knoppix did it automatically. Surely, if NWN comes with a script on the second disk and if it comes with patches at the website, there shouldnt be any need for WINE, which I am guessing is used to run the dot.exe files. I thought it was the done thing for linux boxes to run as servers for certain popular games, like unreal tournament for example. There are so many linux servers running NWN out there (so I am lead to believe), surely this is expected to be the norm platform for a NWN server. I dont understand why they (those who made NWN) haven't made it a sinch to setup. I mean, these guys are geniuses, right? They can code whatever they like in their sleep, so why not just knock out a script that is as easy to install as say the nvidia driver and put it on the website? I know I'm the dumbest guy here but this seems like such an obvious thing to do. I dont understand why they wouldnt anticipate the need for easy-peasy linux support on a multiplayer game which is bound to be run on linux servers by it's large community. Anyone got any ideas? I would value some info as I'm stumped.
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