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RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: snow joke

Postby jjmac » Sun Apr 16, 2006 10:45 am

Howdy All,

nordle quoted

me wrote :)
(an upside down arrow head)(grin) :roll:
(found an ommision in my keyboard ... i mean like ... a key that would have been handy that is :roll: )

Obviously i mean a key that isn't there, so i couldn't have actually found it, hmmmm ... ok , enough on this. You lot do know what i mean any way ... :), i hope )(

jjmac wrote:

but apparently crazy culture has been around for so long that it's considered normal. And when ever it takes on the status of becoming a tradition ... then the hope for change becomes well nigh impossible in the direction.

But if it can go one way, then surely it can go the other too.... hopefully.

jjmac wrote:

Over here (N.S.W) Victorias completely different. Smooth roads, no lumps or patch evidence. So -=-=-=- "it is possible" !

You probably won't find any road like that in blighty anymore, I think I may have to consider moving, it sounds like heaven

... didn't i say that << >> . All directions will collide eventually, especially if there
done fast enough. Oh ........ good grief ...... and how lartae was that :) ... i'll leave it though, i think i must be trying to prove i'm not a coward, i suppose :roll:. All i can hope for, i suppose, is that i spelt lartae incorrectly. Otherwise hmmm, i don't even want to look (grin)

One way or the other hmmmmm, hehehehe... ummmm
We should always look both ways before we cross the road, shouldn't we (grin) ...

Vic ... heaven ....... hmmmmmmm, well, it ain't goa, thats for sure :wink:
And it ain't NZ, and .... hmmmmm , it ain't Tasmania. Some nice country down that way. Often over looked by visitors.


All the cops carry guns and there not to shy on that score either .... hmmmmm.
The country side is really just so very pretty though. And true ... for some really wierd reason the contry roads ... are like ... so friggin good. I had to stop the car a few times just to look at it closer. There ya are ... looking at the road ... and the Galaghs are looking at you (grin) .. it is a curiously funny place, even if nothing actually happens at all :).

The city suxs though ... run down, streeties, etc etc --- watch out for that one (grin)

But ... as the saying goes, if only i could remember it :roll: :)

I think our buses are same as yours, by the sounds of it ... solutions == revolutions == hmmmms == and pieces of 8 :) (grin).

Always wanted to get over your way one day ... :), and it's still on the cards :)

Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed,
And Prohibition Suxs too !
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Postby emyr42 » Tue Apr 25, 2006 12:22 pm

[RESURRECTION reason=missed it first time round]

Cyclists don't cause traffic jams where the speed of traffic is at or lower than the speed of the Cyclist. I.E. Town centres, which is where you find most cyclists.

10mph? you 'avin a larff? The only time I drop under 10mph is up steep hills! on the flat, i usually do about 20mph.

road tax:
Cyclists barely cause any wear to the roadsurface (due to some formula in physics for which I wasnt paying attention), d[/RESSURECTION]ue to their low weight, speed and contact area. ergo, our marginal cost to the road maintainer is minimal, and the cost of collecting any contribution would cancel out any payment which was anywhere near the cost incurred.

Also, road tax goes towards the budget of centeral government, whilst all roads used by cyclists are maintained by loal councils, using the council tax.

The fact that councils feel the need to invest in cyclist-"friendly" infrastructure is caused by arrogant and impatient drivers whose behaviour threatens cyclists.

Personally, I feel no need for such infrastructure: it is mainly to protect "blokes on bikes" on their £99 halfords full-bouncers rather than real cyclists.


members of both British Cycling (the sport's governing body) and the Cycle Touring Club (the body representing leisure cyclists) have huge third party insurance policies covering accidents involving their members.

If someone damages your vehicle, and it is their own fault, it is their responsibility to pay, whether from their own coffers, or via an insurance company.
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