Suse 10.00 wont boot!

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Suse 10.00 wont boot!

Postby DaveM » Thu Dec 22, 2005 2:04 pm

I've been loading up a the new SuSe10.00 DVD.

All is great and all my hardware is being detected.

when I finish and do my first boot up, using the boot manager located on the HDD, everything seems nice and preety.

I get all the expected information of the system starting all the various demons etc.

but it wont run the GUI, the first time this happened I decided I had done something wrong, so I re-installed, then had the same problem.

I did an install with a "check for error" that is available on the DVD, no problems here, or so it would seem.

So I re-installed, this time using Gnome as my preferred desktop rather than KDE.

Same problem.

I tried booting into Safe mode, and I can log on as root or the various users.

From the root prompt (or user's) I've tried typing /:Gnome but I allways get the same error saying that the graphics can't start.

Any ideas?

I walk away whilst I'm loading up the software... baking cakes for Xmass :wink: should I sit in front of my pc whilst it sorts itself out (it does take hours to install though).

Also I am running a tripple boot at the moment (don't ask :!: Win 2000, Win 95, and Suse10 - when I get it working) could this be my problem?

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RE: Suse 10.00 wont boot!

Postby towy71 » Thu Dec 22, 2005 2:22 pm

How much reading have you done?
Log in as root and type yast to setup the hardware and then configure your video,for which you will need to know the name of the graphics card and the horizontal and vertical refresh rates of the monitor ;-)

Have fun

Oh, and when you don't get a gui when you start the computer, it has probably sucessfully booted to the cli!
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RE: Suse 10.00 wont boot!

Postby DaveM » Thu Dec 22, 2005 3:54 pm

Bugger, I forgot about yast!
Thanks for the info.

I'll try it tonight and report back tomorrow.
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