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HP Hard Drive

Postby shaddow » Thu Dec 22, 2005 12:29 am

I have just purchased a HP Pavilion a1250n computer with a sata hard drive.

I have been using Linux full time since 1997, and I am not considered a newbie by any means.

However, I have come across a problem that for the first time I can not seem to resolve.

Linux does not seem to recognize the sata hard drive that is in this HP Pavilion. It hangs just after the following boot sequence,

Lading sata_sil

Ata1: SATA max udma/100 cmd OxF880E080 ct1 OxF88oeo8a bmdma oxF880E000 irq 11

Ata2: SATA max udma/100 cmd )xF880Eoco ct1 OxF88oEoca bmda OxF880E008 irq 11

Input: 1mEX ps/2 Logitecch explorer mouse on isa0060/serial01

Ata1: Dev o ata, max udma/100 488397168 sectors: lba48

At this point it will not load the hard drive controller. I have tried using other sata drivers but none will work.

However, I can boot linux in safe mode.

Any help would be greatly appreciated since HP can’t help me. I want my Linux back.


Eugene Wong
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RE: HP Hard Drive

Postby nelz » Thu Dec 22, 2005 2:41 pm

Do you also have a PATA drive? These entries are for an ATA drive but SATA is usually recognised as SCSI.

It would help if you could tell us which distro your are using and some more about your hardware. the output from @uname -a" and "lspci" would be a good start.
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