SuSE Wine rpm fixed my problem !

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SuSE Wine rpm fixed my problem !

Postby hungrybuffalo » Sun Nov 13, 2005 7:14 pm


Just a quick message to say thanks. The wine rpm (wine-20050830-SuSELinux93.i586.rpm) you distributed with LFX73 fixed an anoying bug I had. I run the windows app Agent Newsreader from forteinc under SuSE 9.3. With the standard wine installation the Agent newsreader refused to minimise. Clicking on the minimise button resulted in the window minimising and then a half second or so later re-displaying as before.

With the latest rpm it's fixed.

One question. Where did you get this rpm from? I see from the changelog it's built by the people at however I never found it when checking the main suse ftp sites.

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RE: SuSE Wine rpm fixed my problem !

Postby M-Saunders » Mon Nov 14, 2005 9:39 am


Glad you found it useful! The WINE site has links to some SUSE downloads from here: along with binaries for many other distros.

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