Another p2p thread (but I need help!)

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Another p2p thread (but I need help!)

Postby nolabar10der » Mon Nov 07, 2005 1:17 am

Greetings, all. I have a question:

I have used LimeWire for some time now, before trying Napster (and competitors) The problem isn't the $10US fee, it's that I found an incredible DSP for WinAmp that, unfortuantely, bypasses Nap files. WMP sounds horribly tinny and offers extremely cheesy plug-ins.

I like the pay sites because almost everything is encoded at a higher rate, and the downloads are blink-of-eye. Do we know of one based around WinAmp, or one that at least does not force you to use the horrific and bloated WMP?

One last thing - and this is important - do any of you know of a provider who allows you to backup your tracks to an external drive, without purchasing them? Man, I just want to have a backup, but Nap wouldn't let me unless I pulled out my wallet. Just a friggin' backup, because my average laptop ownership is about 18 months. It seems that if they allow three backups to separate PCs, if purchased, they can include one backup allowance in the monthly fee. Otherwise, you have to download everything again at the time of a new PC purchase.

The problem with LimeWire, and the like, is that searching for qaulity rips (at LEAST 192) means that when you find it, chances are the user isn't sharing too much bandwitdth, resulting in slightly faster than dial-up downloads. It's frustrating.

I do not paying the fee so as long as I can make ONE backup copy and have WinAmp recognize them the same way they recognize unprotected files.

Thanks! -Signed, "Big Time Shot in the Dark, but I Had to Ask..."
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