Looking for issues 8 and 44

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Looking for issues 8 and 44

Postby leoorionis » Mon Aug 18, 2014 1:27 pm

Hello, everyone:

Long-time LXF reader here, I started buying the magazine regularly around issue 60, after checking it out in Borders since about issue 49 (which I bought). I first installed Mandrake from an LXF cover disk and haven't ever been sorry.

Recently I purchased all the back issues I was missing from an English reader. It cost a bunch, but I don't regret it. However, upon receiving the package it turned out that issues 8 and 44 were missing. My buddy is looking for them around his place, but odds are low that he will find them.

So, anyone out there have either or both of those issues, and willing to sell them to me? CDs/DVDs before issue 60 also welcome, but the main thing is to get those two issues.

Eventually this will benefit the whole community, as I'll scan all the issues and offer them to Future Publishing so they can post them on their website for subscribers.

Thanks! Here's hoping... Leo

P.S. You can reply directly to leoorionis@gmail.com, but it's probably best if you put something like LXF BACK ISSUES in the subject line to make it stand out. I get LOTS of mail. -- LDO
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