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Postby MadTux » Sat Aug 09, 2014 8:23 am

We were just in Cambridge (first time; what an amazing place!), and visited this place. It was almost impossible to find, hidden in the last corner, but ..... wow.
It was very empty, and the entrance room thingy had a *row* of old Macs (might have been Macintosh Pluses). Then an IBM PC, a Commodore PET, both *on*. I tried out Lotus 1-2-3 on an IBM PC. (Keep in mind that that sort of thing predates me, so I am very excited indeed :)). Next room: Full of BBC Micros, an Acorn Archimedes, the *only* working Acorn Phoebe in the world (which they would have switched on for us to try), a PDP-11 in the corner, more Acorns, some more Macs ...

And then, the big hall. I almost cried in shock and happiness :D. An Apple Lisa. Yes, the first "personal" computer with a GUI. An Altair 8800, serial number 3, next to a PDP-8 and hundreds of other classic Computers :shock:

I had hoped to see a few old computers behind glass, and here was almost everything, on, ready to type (well, mostly play games) on. So if anyone is visiting Cambridge, I very highly recommend it.
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