Largest Ever Raspberry Pi Case ?

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Largest Ever Raspberry Pi Case ?

Postby Nuke » Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:21 pm

A tower case :-


Admitedly it also contains a Pentium II PC that I use sometimes, and an 8-way Ethernet hub. I don't know what most people do to house a RPi, but my starting points were that I h8 :-

(i) Cables on my desk
(ii) Things skating around my desk pulled by said cables
(iii) Wall bricks

I think the tower case should hold the RPi from skating around, and the whole thing will be under my desk in a corner running off one wall plug.

The RPi is in a 5.25" drive bay tray as can be seen in these two pics. The cable arrangements take more space than the RPi (just as on its board the connectors take up most of the room). I have brought a USB cable out the front with a PS/2 mouse and keyboard adaptor that can be easily connected or not. Normally I will use the RPi through the network. Two other RPi connectors are inaccessible in my build; they are for audio or something and I am not interested in that. Also seen in the pics is the 5 Watt power supply I have built for it (which also powers the hub), which fits in the tower case alongside and independent of the host PC's PSU which is normally off.

Why not use a phone-charger for the power supply? Because I don't trust their voltage regulation (I have measured them 50% out) or general reliability (they are now the main cause of house fires) as I will be leaving this on 24/7.



Now to start playing with it :)
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Postby oldpenguin » Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:55 pm

Great. Spectacular!

you have my one (1)


I've been saving a clear plastic candy box to build the entire thing,
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