Wine and Dosbox under Mageia

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Wine and Dosbox under Mageia

Postby alansecker » Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:38 pm

I have a large MSDOS program on which I am dependent, running under a virtual XP on my main Mageia 3 machine. My netbook is running Mageia 4. I thought I would see how much of my Windows programs I could migrate to the netbook. Astonishingly so far most of them (under wine). The only one causing difficulty is a propietory one compiled under Clipper. Wine says it needed too much RAM and suggested Dosbox.

It does indeed run under Dosbox but in order to print, it needs to use PageScript. Pagescript does start up under wine but the dosbox routine doesn't "see' it. It is as if they are in different universes. Might there be a solution?
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