Ubuntu12.04 and Vbox query

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Ubuntu12.04 and Vbox query

Postby scooter » Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:35 pm


I have an installation of LTS 12.04 and Vbox, all updated as and when required. I have a choice of six desktops,

KDE Plasma Workspace
Razor Desktop
Xfce Session
Xubuntu Session

I normally use *Ubuntu* but decided I needed a change and tried the others and I found this difference.

Booting into any of the other Desktops except Ubuntu and Ubuntu2D does not bring up *pan1* in my network so my Vbox connections fail on this.

If I boot into either of the Ubuntu choices then change over to another Desktop *pan1* is there.

OK, I know to change the interface and everything works, I'm just interested in where I have gone wrong with the configuration.

( I found that using *pan1* made it easy to SSH to and from Vbox )

Cheers.. :)
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