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Desktop roundup

Postby johnhudson » Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:02 pm

Very interesting. I agree with you about Konqueror; I use it with both KDE4 and Razor-qt though Razor-qt insists on using Dolphin to open an external device. I also found while doing some recents tests with HTML5 that Konqueror is far more forgiving of syntax errors in web pages than chromium and will render pages that cause chromium to freeze.

Things have moved on with Razor-qt, at least on openSUSE. It now has a repository and one-click install and I was offered the openbox window manager which seems to work fine.

The most impressive thing is that you will have to stop all those jokes about LibreOffice needing a supercomputer to load in eight seconds. Everything runs really fast on Razor-qt - it's quite a revelation.
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Postby Nuke » Fri Dec 07, 2012 7:49 pm

I am installing a distro on an old PC right now, so am interested in smaller desktop environments. This LXF article has got me considering Trinity as I am a KDE fan and Trinity is a lighter version of it in the style of KDE 3.5. [Notwithstanding the announcement on their home page of a "Gnome theme" version]. I am thinking of putting it on AntiX, a lightweight version of Mepis/Debian.

But installing AntiX is taking longer than I thought. I wanted to put it on a 2.1Gb HD, but after a couple of hours of DVD grinding and me playing and fiddling with settings in Live-DVD mode, the installation failed as there wasn't enough disk space! Needs about 2.5Gb I found out. This same disk once had Debian, DOS 5.0, Windows 95 and Windows NT (and their swap files) all on it, multi-booting, but now even a "lightweight" distro will not fit in, even though I will have a separate data HD, and I am having to re-think.

Looking around for info on "light" distros, on their websites and in DistroWatch, there is a general lack of information about disk space requirements. They tell you all about processor and memory requirements, but not disk space.
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Postby johnhudson » Fri Dec 07, 2012 9:55 pm

I had Minino 1.2 i486 on a small hard drive to test it out - it was the only one of the Distrowatch distros for older compunters that would install; 1.2.2 is now out (I think 2 needs too much space for your needs).

It comes with a choice of ROX or PCManFM which I find very accetpable and is built on Debian 5; so if you have an internet connection, you can update it from the Debian repos.

Incidentally, though the forums all appear to be in Spanish, they also talk English and are usually very helpful in their responses.
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Postby anticapitalista » Wed Dec 12, 2012 7:58 pm

Nuke wrote:But installing AntiX is taking longer than I thought. I wanted to put it on a 2.1Gb HD, ... Needs about 2.5Gb I found out.

You could try antiX-base. It takes up less than 1.5GB.
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