using local dvd with vncviewer

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using local dvd with vncviewer

Postby whitbym » Tue Dec 04, 2012 11:04 am

Hi, I use tightvnc from 2 old laptops (not at same time) in the house onto my desktop. One of my uses is Handbrake using desktop dvd player to transcode films onto my phone to watch later. I wondered if it is possible to use the dvdplayers in the laptops (i.e. clients) rather than having to keep going to the desktop pc (i.e. the server) to put the dvd's into. I did try x forwarding Handbrake as well a while ago but settled on tightvnc but even then I couldn't figure out if using local dvd on server was possible. I'm a novice linux user (though have been 'trying' to solely use it since 2008)
One 'local' solution is to convert dvd to iso image but if I only want a couple of tracks from the dvd, this approach means I have to convert all of the disc to iso. Also it is another step in a process which could be much simpler if client dvd simply could work with server.
Your help would be appreciated
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