[SUGGESTION] Coding tutorial

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[SUGGESTION] Coding tutorial

Postby denham2010 » Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:26 am


I just wanted to suggest a possible coding tutorial for a future issue. It would fit in perfectly in the regular python section.

In this day and age of multitouch devices, the forth coming Plasma Active tablet (which is going to be unlocked - ie ability to replace os with your distro of choice) and the ongoing merger of android into upstream, along with current market devices (I am using an acer iconia tab w (read windows) series with which I have deleted windows and am running 100% native Arch Linux), I think a multitouch programming tutorial would be beneficial.

KDE is slowly gaining multitouch through Qt, Gtk is another issue (I believe no multitouch until gtk4).

I would suggest Kivy http://kivy.org. Kivy is programmed using python2 and is cross platform (apps can be built for windows, osx, ios, android and linux).

It would appear to be the only current multitouch toolkit that is available on the vast majority of platforms.

Since multitouch is becoming a very common input medium, and the current lack of mt support in the mainstream gui toolkits, I really think linux needs to 'keep up with the pack' if we want to see more mainstream distros on more devices.

Kivy fits this bill right now. Lets get programming and bring a suite of mt apps to linux. I am already working on some ideas which will at least be packaged for Arch, but the source will be available for others to package as they see fit.

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Postby leke » Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:33 pm

Python programming coated in the Kivy description language.
First impressions look nice.
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