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Magazine Artcle Index

Postby hal8000 » Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:03 pm

Is there an online index for Linux Format?

Just recently I read a good article in Linux Format about grub 2.
I just cant find it now and I've looked through issues 154 to 157.

Does anyone know which edition of the magazine it was in, or if there is
an online index to articles even better.
Thanks in advance.
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Postby Ram » Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:49 pm

Page 96 in lxf154

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Postby jonrob » Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:47 am


You can find a searchable index of all our articles going back to around issue 60 something or other...

You'll need to be a subscriber to download the PDFs, but anyone can use it to search and see what was in each issue.


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Postby Borat » Thu May 31, 2012 11:17 pm

I never actually noticed / used that feature before :oops:

Good job!
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