Help Centos 6.2 on LXF 156 disc

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Help Centos 6.2 on LXF 156 disc

Postby Johnnie » Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:39 am

When I tried to set up Centos 6.2 on VM Box virtual machine which operates on a Windows 7 (32 bit) host and I also run Mint and Suse on the same VM Box, the error kept coming back that it was looking for a 64 bit processor. My laptop is an ACER Aspire 5736Z-4460 with an Intel Pentium T4500 and is capable of running 64 bit. I loaded 32 bit Win7 for compatibility with some of my older apps ( a possible mistake). I also tried to load a few of the OS on this DVD as Live OS. Screen stayed dark and hung up computer. I had to remove the battery to reboot. With all the comments about 64 bit vrs 32 bit did LXF forget to mention that this distro is 64 bit?
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Postby nelz » Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:05 am

It is mentioned, twice, on the DVD cover. That explains why it won't run in a VM on 32 bit Windows, but not why you cannot boot it or other distros from the DVD natively.
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