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Cheap graphics card

Postby dhester » Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:49 am

I have just put together a basic PC, Pentium G630 on a H61 motherboard and Have put an old ATI x800gt graphics card in. This raised the PC nark 05 score from 5666 to 6899. I want to put a newer graphics card in the system and have a budget of £40 any suggestions. Don't mind if AMD (ATI) or Nvidia. The system is just a basic system to try out distros and mess around with. I have other PCs that I use for work, video editing and gaming.
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Postby ferrari » Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:38 pm

Well, probably a basic nvidia card will suffice. Consider the low-end GT520, or if you can stretch your budget a bit, then the Geoforce GT430 appears to be a reasonable option ... rce-gt-430
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Postby dhester » Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:22 am

Right after a bit of research and moving graphics cards from the kids computers, I have decided to go for a GT430.

I tried a GT220 from my sons computer and got a pcmark of 7489, tried to get an ATI HD 5450 from my daughters machine to work but although it works in windows I can't get the computer to boot into linux. (the machine at the moment dual boots, XP and Mint 12) So won't be using AMD card.

I can get a GT520 cheaper than the GT430 but most benchmarking sites put the 430 ahead of the 520 The GT 520 is a newer series of card and uses less power so it has that going for it but the performance is not quite as good as far as most of the sites suggest.

I would stick with the X800gt but it appears that AMD no longer support it with linux drivers, which is a shame as it is a good card when running windows.

Once I have the card I will report back in the hope that it maybe useful to someone else.
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Postby reklan » Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:31 am

Mint 12 uses Gnome 3 which has problems with certain ATI cards, even if you use the open source drivers.

However this does seem to have been fixed with the latest drivers from AMD (11.12).

If you are going to use Gnome3 then an nvidia card is probably best for you.

However, IMHO ATI cards for me have been lot better under Gnome2, XFCE and KDE.
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Postby dhester » Thu Jan 05, 2012 3:25 pm

Well I got the GT430 this morning, put it in the computer and tested it with PCmark05 and 3Dmark05 results were;

PCMark05 3DMark05
X800GT 6599 4302
GT430 6953 7709

The PCmark did surprise me as a GT220 got 7201. I will try and find some linux benchmarks to run on these two cards.

I am please with the GT430 which I got for £42.99 from Novatech in Reading, the only AMD card other than very low end ones they had in stock was a HD6770 which although reasonable priced (£82.99) seamed a bit overkill for this system (see first post).

I have played Extreme Tux racer to test out the accelerated graphics of the new card and am now watching a DVD which is playing very well.

I would recommend the GT430 for anybody on a budget.
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