rants (and some raves if you feel nice)

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rants (and some raves if you feel nice)

Postby bobthebob1234 » Wed Oct 19, 2011 3:59 pm

can we have a rants and raves section of the forum?

I'll start

KDE / Kbuntu

Works better with dual screens than unity. Even lets me have different wallpapers on each screen :D

Wants me to unlock my private ssh key every 3 seconds when sftp into a remote server ARRRRRRRRRRR
Dolphin epically slow when connected to remote server...
Don't really like amarok
Can't work out how to move window to another workspace... Ctrl-shift-alt-arrow key used to move a window
Dolphin not remembering my connections to servers. Nautilus used to add them to the places sidebar (or what ever it is called)
It has decided my computer is running at 12oC... As much as I would like to believe this...
Some random notification telling me about my copying. I WANT MY LITTLE WINDOW BACK!
on the subject of little windows, the ones that do get opened it seems to decide I would be better off not seeing them so hides them at the back and they don't show up in the taskbar thingy so I sit there clicking the upload button on a website for example and wondering why nothing is happening....
FRICKING KPackageKit telling me to update to oneiric 11.10 every 10 seconds. I SAID NO 10 SECONDS AGO WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!
Calculator button on keyboard don't do nothing. Even though I set up a shortcut thingy and it worked for about 10 mins...
Oh and dolphin deciding I have to press the preview button when i'm in every folder I want previews for. I WANT ALL MY PICTURES TO HAVE PREVIEWS! and the fact it can't preview/thumbnail videos. Gnome could...

think thats it...
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