Inkscape Icons in Mint 18 KDE

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Inkscape Icons in Mint 18 KDE

Postby jobex » Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:12 pm

I am running Inkscape 0.92 in Mint 18 KDE and I find that the icons for all the tools, etc. are merely grey outlines with just a few showing some colour. This frequently makes them difficult to identify and slows the work down when i have to pause to decide which icon to use. Opening "icons.svg" from /usr/share/inkscape shows the icons to be coloured but whatever I have tried has had no effect on the lack of colour in the Inkscape gui. I get the impression that the problem lies with overall icon theme settings/version or something of that nature. In System Settings>Appearance all the themes under "Workplace Theme" are set to "Breeze" as are "Colour" and "Icons" themes. I have tried changing these to various others such as "Oxygen", "Gnome" and so on but the Inkscape icons remain colourless. Looking at /home/.config/inkscape/ shows the icons folder is empty and copying "icons.svg" to this folder has no effect. Can anyone please tell me how to solve this problem?
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Re: Inkscape Icons in Mint 18 KDE

Postby lok1950 » Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:05 pm

Have a look at /home/username/.cache/inkscape/icons there should be four folders from 12x12 to 24x24 for each icon size the icons on the tools bar at the top are mostly outlines while the right side ones should be coloured.BTW /home/.config/inkscape/ is also empty on my install ;)

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Re: Inkscape Icons in Mint 18 KDE

Postby jobex » Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:40 pm

Many thanks for your response. I have looked at /home/username/.cache/inkscape/icons and it is as you describe but I do not think these folders of icons are related to my problem.
In addition to the icon-size files there is a "" text file which reads
"Inkscape cache v1.0
Sourcefiles: 2
5877aa66 /home/john/.config/inkscape/icons/icons.svg
5877aa66 /usr/share/inkscape/icons/icons.svg"

The icons.svg file is present now in both locations on my system after I copied it to the .config folder. However, this has made no difference and the majority of my Inkscape icons remain colourless.
I am more convinced that the problem lies with colour themes and or the Plasma desktop.
Are there any other thoughts on this out there?
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Re: Inkscape Icons in Mint 18 KDE

Postby jobex » Wed Jan 18, 2017 4:35 pm

I have found the solution to the colourless icons in Inkscape - and Gimp and possibly other apps.

In System Settings under " Appearance" there is an icon called "Application Style" which I had overlooked so far. Opening this folder I was able to set "Widget style" to "GTK+ style" and then after clicking "GNOME Application Style (GTK)" I set both "Icon theme" and Fallback theme" to "GNOME".

After this, when I opened Inkscape, all the icons (Or are they widgets?) were those in the icons.svg file, i.e. coloured, clear and meaningful. The fashionable black and grey themes are so dispiriting!

Many thanks to lok1950 for trying to help. I hope this will be useful to others.
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