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AMD 64 bit support libs ( :) )

PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 10:59 am
by jjmac

A gcc-4.0 deb dependency :roll:...

Seems to have something to do with amd 64 bit support for the compiler...

But, get this (grin) ... 1.4.tar.gz

file date 05-May-2005 : size 205 M

It compiles down to three files , 8.9 M, 2.0 M and 77 K.

The mind boggles,

Like, is it really neccessary ?. The binaries are linked against 2.3.2 too. But i wont a 2.3.5 linkage...

ummmm :roll: maybe if the src was on the -=- dvd -=- :D

Though, don't know if it's really needed. Maybe deb has finally flipped or something.

At least the .../a/amd64-libs/... directory is a bit saner, thats only 46.9M of src.

Would there be room, maybe ... :}


(an optimist, at least)

RE: AMD 64 bit support libs ( :) )

PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2005 1:41 am
by jjmac
On looking a bit futher at it, it seems to be just a set of 32 bit libraries for 32 bit apps running on a 64 bit system. Typical of deb to make it a dependency though ... easily removed from the list. At 205 M's of compressed src it would be just a space wast. Maybe it needs more subpackaging for different archs.

iirc, i think gentoo does the same thing in 2005.0, and much lighter too. Thats probably the better idea to do that, it seems.

Not sure about the amd64-libs though (scratch-head)