XBMC for Debian Wheezy

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XBMC for Debian Wheezy

Postby Dutch_Master » Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:24 am

So far, the latest XBMC is not available as a package outside Ubuntu. I've created a script that installs XBMC from source on a minimal Wheezy system.

  • At least a minimal Wheezy system, newer may or may not work
  • Working internet connection
  • Add the contrib and non-free sections for the standard Debian repo's, as well as the multi-media repo from Marrilat: http://www.deb-multimedia.org/

When that's done, fetch the script here Next, rename the script from .txt to .sh then make it executable with chmod +x Prior to running the script, check and tweak it to suit your system. Once satisfied all's well, run the script.

What it does:
First, it prepares your system to install and build XBMC by installing the required dependencies. Next, it fetches the latest version from the Git repo, then compiles a required library as the supplied version is too old. Then it configures the xbmc source and starts compiling, the actual build process. Lastly, it gives you a clue on how to start xbmc.

I've tested the script in a virtual machine and it works. The script isn't fail-safe, you may brick your machine! (OK, maybe not that bad, but it can do serious damage to your data!) Use at your own risk!

Thoughts, suggestions and success reports welcome :mrgreen:

PS: it does not install any graphical interface, it's your desicion to use Gnome3, KDE4, XFCE or any other desktop manager...
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