Digger Genealogy Software and Linux

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Digger Genealogy Software and Linux

Postby hilly » Tue Apr 19, 2011 6:48 am

Just a tip for anyone who is trying to use MacBeth Software "Digger", Genealogy titles with Linux. These titles are things like "Edwardian Index for Victoria", "Federation Index for Victoria", etc. They are only usable in Windows unfortunately and so as you have probably already worked out, you will have luck if you go to a Virtual copy of Windows BUT unfortunately if you try and run them in VirtualBox the system will reboot, over and over.

You can overcome this by installing VMWare Player which now also allows you to setup a Virtual Copy of Windows as well as play appliances. VMWare Player runs the Digger titles without a hassle.

Another hint are the instructions at this link below which tell you what changes you need to make to the ini files in Digger to enable you to load the CD's to the hard drive and read the data from there instead of having to load the CD each time.

http://www.barossa-region.org/Australia ... e-249.html

Hope this is of some help to other people out there chasing their ancestry.

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