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PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:18 am
by jamie_tickner
i paid £65 for my zte blade and unlocked it and added a 2.2 rom within ten mins of buying it and i love it

only criticism i have is stability issues with nearly every rom i have tried plus my gf has an android phone and has stability issues (with the phone!!) and she has not done anything to modify it so it is how it would be from the shop

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:45 am
by AndyBaxman
The only problem with the Blade (aka Orange San Francisco) is that it has an ARMv6 processor instead of the ARMv7 jobbies in higher end phones.

This means there are a number of apps that won't ever run on it (Firefox mobile, Flash, BBC iPlayer, etc), irrespective of the version of Android as these apps depend on features in the v7 instruction set.