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“Won’t people think it’s 20 years old?” management asked when they saw our Linux Mint cover. That made us pause. Just how old is Linux Mint? It’s not older than Ubuntu and that’s 15-years old. So we stuck to the facts: Linux Mint 20 is out and it’s about to turn 14-years old on 27 August 2020. That's longer than we would have guessed!

Largely that’s due to Linux Mint really making a splash back with Mint 13 that adopted the Cinnamon desktop and helped really put Linux Mint on the distro map. The aim was to create a classic desktop, designed how users wanted a desktop to work – an entirely reasonable request.

So with the new release we decided to help you get started with Linux Mint 20, using our easy-to-follow starter guide and in-depth look at all the key new features of the popular distro. Get it installed. Explore the new apps. Use Timeshift backups. Discover the boot recovery tool. We explain why Snaps have gone and loads more!

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