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We’re contemplating life this month, not just because we’re wondering if we’re all trapped inside a giant simulation but also the fate of open source itself with the purchase of Red Hat by IBM for a huge $34 billion. The news came in just as we were going to press, so we’re still processing the ramifications, but IBM can be considered a friend of open source and Linux, so perhaps it might all work out well.

In the next issue we’ll be diving into virtualising your world. It often feels like we’re living in a virtualised world. Containerised services and orchestrated automation have grown gloriously out of both the Linux Kernel and open source projects to rule the server world. You’ll get to grips with the all-powerful Qemu, get 3D acceleration with GPU-passthrough, discover containers and we take an in-depth look at Flatpak.

If you prefer the real world with all its faults then then we’ve a guide to building your own circuit boards and fascinating interview with security expert Pascal Gooden on the roll of botnets in attacks, we discover the best open source office apps and tackle everything from editing PDFs to building a low-resource web server.

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