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After 152 issues and almost 12 years (October 2006) Linux Format Towers has finally been able to afford a fresh lick of paint, but don’t panic! All your favourite sections remain intact and as they were. They’re hopefully just easier to read for everyone!

And the good news keeps on coming, because we have a double whammy of Raspberry Pi content this issue. First there’s the lowdown on the new Raspberry Pi 3 B+. Then there’s our lead feature on building, much like the Pi itself, all-conquering Pi robots! It feels like the Raspberry Pi Foundation has got into the swing of releasing these Pi boards, which is great. We now have a major board release and then an enhance update, so this latest B+ offers a minor processor speed boost, a significant drop in operating temperatures and a large boost in its networking prowess.

No matter if you have a Raspberry Pi old or new, have one gathering dust or are simply looking for something fun to do this weekend, then have we got something for you… a complete guide to building and coding robots! We’re going to look at the parts, the code and how you can put a kit together to make a fun, affordable Pibot.

Don’t worry, we’ve still got plenty of pages dedicated to non-Pi based delicacies. We look at the new graphics-packing AMD Radeon 2400G processor, which is ideal for budget gaming or home theatre systems. Roundup reviews five NAS distros for storing your files with. We explore machine learning through code and projects, and turn our hand to creating our own WordPress themes. Elsewhere, we look at how open source is helping Nigeria transform government spending through accountability.

That’s before we (takes a deep breath) delve into cgroups, build a cloud back-up system, finish our MicroPython tutorials and set up distributed computing loads. Is there anything open source can’t do? Enjoy the issue!

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