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There’s never been a better time to start using Linux and you’ve never had a better chance than with this month’s issue of Linux Format! We’re packing the ideal Linux starter pack with a bootable Live Disc that you can just insert and run, alongside a 9-page guide on getting up and running with Linux in just 60 minutes! Amazing.

We’re standing on the shoulders of giants here. Dedicated, diligent, development geniuses have poured billions (probably) of hours into creating an open source ecosystem, which delivers an operating system kernel that’s capable of powering super computers, world-spanning enterprises, your home desktop and the meek Raspberry Pi.

This flexibility and open nature means people can create beginner-friendly versions of Linux distros (that’s what we call complete operating systems around these parts) with modern desktop interfaces and selected custom application suites. All this goodness comes wrapped up in a simple installer system to help get it onto your PC.

Linux distros don’t bug you for updates, they don’t snoop on you, there’s almost no Linux malware, there’s no bundleware and you’re not locked out from playing, exploring and hacking the OS to your heart’s content. If you want to have fun with your computers again, give it a try – you might like it!

The rest of the magazine will give you a taster of the huge expanse of areas the Linux kernel controls, and open source in general. From the exciting world of making and learning with the Raspberry Pi, to coding Python and creating virtual machines with VirtualBox. There’s so much to include every issue that we simply don’t have enough pages. Enjoy!

As always we'd love to hear from you: what projects you’re contributing to, the latest software you're using and any problems you might have. Email us your thoughts to ALSO: Our old Q&A Answers section is back, so email your problems to: and catch all the FLOSS news at our Facebook page or follow us on the Twitters.

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