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Good news everyone: no one needs to back up any more! After decades of tech “journalists” (hey, I have a certificate–Ed) telling you to back up your systems, modern ways of working have made the backup obsolete. No, wait, don’t go! We’re not obsolete, just yet…

It’s true enough that many of us are working in “the cloud” and have work assets and media automagically backed up with some unknown level of redundancy–that may or may not involve the NSA/MI5. So how can you do that yourself? How can you protect your system? How can you make backups of everything run like clockwork, while making any data recovery just as slick?

This next issue of Linux Format we show you how. From traditional backups, to cloud backups and on to automatic snapshots, we’ll cover a solution that will meet your needs. While it’s good to back up, it’s better to have a recovery plan, too!

We’re also pushing the release of LibreOffice 7 that’s now out. We’re checking out the latest evolution and the new features, while in News we catch up with the new direction that The Document Foundation wants to take the LibreOffice ecosystem, to help raise revenue for LibreOffice developers. So give it a try and our packed tutorial section. Enjoy!

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