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Are you enjoying the Bionic Beaver yet? After two years of a faultless 16.04 LTS install, my work PC sailed smoothly along with an error-free upgrade to 18.04 LTS. So long Unity, hello Gnome.

Was it Gnome sweet Gnome for you, or more a case of here today, Gnome tomorrow? Ok, Gnome more bad puns… But that’s one of the points of choosing Linux and open source: you have a choice. Don’t like the desktop? Then dump it for something you do like or why not enhance it, so it is something you like. In certain quarters there certainly seems to be a underlying distaste for the Gnome project. It’s not one we agree with, but if you don’t like those design choices, there’s no lack of alternatives to choose from, but I guess we all like a good whinge online, right?

As a prime example, this very issue we have a DVD that offers three full-fat desktops: Gnome, Budgie and Cinnamon. Just fire it up and select the desktop of your choice to try. If you want to take things much further, follow our main feature this issue on how you can tweak, customise or build your own desktop (almost) from scratch. It’s just one of the many ways you can make Linux feel like home, ensure that it’s more fun to use and generally boost your productivity.

As always we’re packing the rest of the issue with the best that the FOSS world has to offer. We Roundup the best-in-class image-editing tools, talk with the brains at the Linux Critical Infrastructure Platform, explain how to get more from the latest builds of Wine, make our Pis smarter with TensorFlow, create better presentations with Impress, switch over to Wayland, experiment with the InterPlanetary File System and loads more. Enjoy!

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