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We’re all quite old here at Linux Format. Effy’s looking forward to retirement, I’m enjoying the fresh and exciting new aches and pains that my joints bring each day, and Jonni’s looking forward to many decades paying off his boat’s mortgage.

So we’re all set in our ways. Effy’s been using Mint for an age, I’m happy using Ubuntu and even Jonni doesn’t like updating his install of Arch too often these days. But there’s a new generation of Linux users coming through and they’re looking for new features, new approaches and they’re bringing with them the next-gen of Linux distros. Some of these distros sport cutting-edge technology, while others offer a super-slick user experience, but at their hearts they’re all running the Linux kernel.

So this issue we’ve tasked Jonni to hunt down the best of the new breed of distros and pick them apart, explaining what makes them special and why you’d want to give them a spin. We think you might like them!

We’ve been sort of getting back to the basics with a Roundup of file managers, explorers, commanders… whatever parlance you enjoy, which has also been driving Jonni round the bend. He had much more fun with the terminal-based nnn. I’ve been feeling out of my depth dealing with HotPicks, but thankfully Tolstoy will be back from next issue. Stay safe out there and enjoy the issue!

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