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End of the 32-bit world?

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We continue to live through very strange times but Linux Format persists! Everyone at locked-down LXF Towers hopes you’re all well, keeping safe and isolated but happy. Hopefully we’ll be through this soon, until then the next issue of Linux Format is arriving to keep you busily distracted.

With the release of Ubuntu 20.04 and its lack of a 32-bit build, we thought we’d look at who’s out there trying to save 32-bit Linux and why it’s so damn hard to do! To kick things off we’re doing a Roundup of the best 32-bit supporting distros. The main feature has Jonni explaining why maintaining a 32-bit distro is so resource consuming, but as Jonni loves his ancient 32-bit EeePC he also wanted to reveal how you can also support older hardware.

We’re glad to say Hotpicks is back for the best new open source, we’re also taking an in-depth look at Tor and how it protects your privacy online, there’s the usual array of interesting tutorials to try including Kanban boards, cloud encryption for backups and getting to grips with OpenShot video editing.

One unfortunate change for this issue is that we’ve had to shift the DVD to being only a digital download, until the lockdown is lifted. As a substitute for a physical DVD we're offering £50 worth of free ebooks - full details inside the issue! Stay safe out there.

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