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The Google Grip

Postby guy » Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:45 am

We are beginning to see folks like the European bureaucrats take anti-abuse measures against Google. Apple are currently heading for court over alleged shenanigans with their music business, Microsoft are well known for getting their wrists slapped.

ChromeOS and Google Office play no more kindly with ODF import/export than MS Office used to, you are stuck with proprietary formats. Almost every web site I visit asks me to run google-analytics scripts, many refuse point-blank to work unless I enable a few other Google resources such as their api's.

They say that power corrupts. I am minded of The Who's lyric which closes the song Won't Get Fooled Again, "Meet the new boss - same as the old boss."

Is the world being unfair to Google, or has the green manalishi's Big Data bait lured it too far off the straight and narrow?
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Re: The Google Grip

Postby Alex01UK » Fri Dec 05, 2014 9:03 am

Remember, Google is not your friend. It really bugs me when I ask for support, on behalf of any users I have about stuff I cannot do myself when I'm very busy to do it myself, immediately that is. Google is not your friend at all; Google is nothing more than a search engine, and if you don't agree, then I think you are a very sad person. Actually, on second thoughts that's a bit harsh, but if your best friend really is a search engine, what does that say about you? It's like saying ''It might rain today!'' Can't argue with that. Got a problem? Type it into google, and then see what it says. The next step is to google search on any error messages you get if the problem is not fixed yet. Google is not your friend at all....... Just my tuppence. ;)
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