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The Windows OneCare Scam

Windows users, now is the time to kick away the Microsoft soap rather than stooping to pick it up. MS has released its new Live OneCare system that provides anti-virus, anti-spyware, backup and a firewall. You might think this is a cause for celebration, but wait: Microsoft is charging for it. Worse, they are charging for it on a yearly subscription basis.

Windows Live OneCare is a rip-off - install Linux instead!

Let me make this clear to you: it is Microsoft's job to make a secure operating system. You have, either directly or indirectly, already paid for your copy of Windows, and you have a right to expect that OS to work without interruption from spyware and viruses. Forcing you to pay extra for the privilege of having a secure OS is at best a rip-off, and at worst - thanks to the yearly rental fee - little more than a mafia-like protection racket.

$50 - the price of just one year of security support on Windows - will get you a full copy of SUSE 10.1. This is an operating system that's secure by default, and comes bundled with an 8GB DVD and many CDs of software (including office suites, web browsers, games, DTP tools, and so on), printed documentation and 90 days of technical support.

Microsoft is a convicted abusive monopoly, a convicted software pirate and also has unusual people working for it. Quit giving them your money to get security that should have been in Windows to start with.

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