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When the cat’s away…

...the mice go to Argos.

Here's something ker-azy: Argos has a special offer for My Word Coach DS, a vocabulary trainer for Nintendo's handheld console. If you buy it, you can also obtain an 'Action Replay Cheat System' for 1/3rd the price. (Click here and then 'Special offers'.)

OK -- that may not be so odd. Presumably Argos is offering the cut-price Action Replay with loads of games, right?

Not so. Look at this list. You can't get it with Impossible Mission, or Pirates of the Caribbean, or any other action game in which you might consider cheating if you get totally stuck. You get it with My Word Coach DS.

Who on Earth would want to cheat at a vocab trainer?! It makes no sense.

Your comments

>>Who on Earth would

>>Who on Earth would want to cheat at a vocab trainer?!

The terminally stupid? Such as those who would even bother to buy a cheat system for a vocab trainer.

And anyway, we know that nowadays it is far more important to have a good games score, honestly obtained, than to demonstrate the least vestige of an education.

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