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Welcome to the new website

Yes, it's here: we've rebuilt and relaunched the Linux Format website to be cleaner, faster and easier to navigate. Along the top you'll find quick access to all the areas of the site - eg the forums, archives, newsletters - while on this front page we'll be posting updates about the magazine and other Linux-related fun. Please let us know what you think!

Your comments

Excellent effort!

Well done with the new site. Good job.

Looks good, much less

Looks good, much less cluttered and easier to navigate.

Well done!

Excellent. Much clearer to read and the whole thing just looks so much more modern.


There's no link to the wiki

Very good

The new site looks really nice...only complain...the favicon sucks...something like LF icon would be better (look nicer in my bookmarks toolbar XD)...

Better but not by much!

The "new" site looks much more up-to-date and fits better with the web's big sites. For me though, it isn't really that much different to the old site which would be fine if there hadn't been so many large delays in publishing the new site - what did you spend the time on?!


Nice, clean... but where is the link to the blog?

(And please, please, please, please, P-L-E-A-S-E, stop asking for cookies to accept comments! I know that the captchas depend on cookies, but pleeeeeeeeeeease find another way! That SUCKS!)

Ooo! shiny

I give it a great thumbs up !

Can't use my user name in

Can't use my user name in comments, can't see the wiki boohoo


What's a "wiki boohoo" towy?


But I see what you mean about the usernames, it says, "The name you used belongs to a registered user." Well, of course it bl**dy does, but if I can't log in anywhere what difference does that make? Ho hum.



Rhakios at a los (sic) hehe!

Hello! Yes, we didn't want

Hello! Yes, we didn't want to add a login/account system to the front page because it would be separate to the forums, and get confusing with separate accounts and logins. I'll try to fix it here so that it doesn't clash with usernames registered on TuxRadar!



Sooo, it's all the fault of TuxRadar then? Odd that user names from there interfere here, while being logged in there makes no difference to anything here. Oh well. I look forward to being myself again some time soon. ;-)

Wiki: http://www.linuxformat.



Nice job! I wonder how long have you guys spent on it...


lacking links

why no link to the subscribers page on the home page?
Why no Linux Format logo on the site?

There is a link to Archives

There is a link to Archives and on that page is a link to the subscribers area :D


Superb redesign. The old site was grand, but this is much better.

Google Gadget

Like the new look.
But (Ah, there it is!) no backend.php. My Google Gadget has not updated since May.
Keep up the good work.

Good job. Much easier to

Good job. Much easier to get around and find what you want. You can even find what the side doesn't have!

Quite an improvement...

Quite an improvement...Good work

Better accessibility assured

Hi Guys

Well done, good thinking on your part and well done the management. We are too obsessed with people's faces but now it is time to focus on the interfaces we interact with on a daily basis. I am happy that my long term frustration has been addressed in a meaningful way and I thank you boys.

Where can I find an e-mail id to give my feedback on anything? I am sorry but I can't find one on the Contact page.

Re: Better accessibility assured

James: "Where can I find an e-mail id to give my feedback on anything? I am sorry but I can't find one on the Contact page."

It says on the Contact page:

"For questions concerning this website (not subscriptions or Linux help -- see above), email the webmaster,"



Your site makes my head hurt a little, its that or the fact I've been using Windows Vista because PCLinuxOS is complaining of a "cannot mount liveCD error" (<-- I'll move that over to your lovely forums :) )

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