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That’s gotta hurt…

Today, in my travels around the Net looking for HotPicks and coverdisc software, I came across this absolute gem. Unfortunately, it's not open source -- if it was, it'd thoroughly deserve a half-pager in the HotPicks games section. Natch.

This "game", if you can call it such, is all about pushing someone downstairs. No, really. The excellent plot states that a superhero is facing financial difficulties after trashing a city, so he needs to show damage caused to himself to justify it.

Or something.

Here's where you help out. A simple polygon man stands at the top of some stairs, with a hovering arrow that you can move around his body. When you've positioned it as you wish, you hit space at your desired impact rate (according to the meter) and the fun begins. With a bash, the man is knocked off the top, starts clattering down the stairs, and ends in a heap at the bottom. It's excruciating to watch -- but incredibly funny.

Your score is determined based on the amount of damage to the guy. If his head and neck suffer nasty impacts on the stairs, there's mucho point climbage to be had. My maximum is 148,000 although I'm developing a new technique...


There's no blood or guts spewing out, but just watching the guy's limbs flail around as he smashes into the steps is weirdly engaging. Anyway, downloadify from hither:

The one with the truck looks even better (Windows only though).

UPDATE: I managed to get 162,000! The trick is to position the arrow so one of his feet is kicked forwards, thus blamming his head on the first step. That can get you a good 50,000 straight away. Oh, and that Windows-only truck variant is fantastic. Ramps galore...

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