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Off into the sunset

I've had an awesome time working on Linux Format these last years, but it's time for me to move on. I started back on LXF30 - 110 issues ago! - and have appeared in some form or another in every subsequent issue - whether that's writing PHP tutorials, C# coding academies, features, reviews or, well, just about every part of the magazine. It's been a huge privilege working in a job where all I have to do is sit and play around with Linux, and you all have been very supportive during my tenure.

But now things are changing: effective Monday I'll start the process of stepping back from my role of editor on Linux Format. I'm staying with Future, but will be moving to the IT department - after all, if you want to hire a smart geek, you hire a Linux geek, right? Because of what we not-so-fondly call the "Christmas crunch" - where magazine deadlines compress so that we can all spend the Christmas holidays at home - I'll be staying with the magazine for most of my time until January, at which point I'll spend progressively less time here and progressively more time in IT.

In my place, the ever-capable Graham Morrison is stepping up to the plate as editor of the magazine. This might mean you get more KDE love than ever, it might mean you get more music tutorials(!), but at the very least it means you get a somewhat smilier face on the Welcome page!

Andrew Gregory, who is responsible right now for wordsmithery and making sure our large team of writers do what we ask them to do, will become Deputy Editor of the magazine, and as a result is going to be taking a more active part in writing for the magazine.

I'm confident that both Graham and Andrew are going to do kick-ass jobs on Linux Format, and I hope you'll join me in congratulating them on the moves.

This also leaves a gap in our team for a reviews editor. The criteria are simple: you have to love using Linux, you have to want to spread that love to other people, and you have to like Real Ale. If that's you, why not start polishing up your CV?

(PS: If you use Twitter and want to keep in touch, you're welcome to follow me @twostraws)

Your comments

Good Luck

Good luck out in the world, it's not going to be easy for you.
Was it the sale of Novell to Microsoft that prompted you to leap?



Just like to thank you for all the work you've done for LXF. Wishing you the best of luck,

-- Anonymous Penguin :p

Going to miss you...

Thanks for all the great work! I'm over in the US and constantly waiting for my next Linux Format to arrive!

Great loss

Great loss of the man who shewed us that PHP is both well worth learning and easy.

Good luck Hudzilla. You did

Good luck Hudzilla. You did an excellent job.

Hi Paul, I`ve only ever

Hi Paul,

I`ve only ever subscribed to 1 magazine in my 30 years on the planet. And that was Macworld. Only joking it was Linux Format. I`ve subscribed for the last two years and bought it 6 months before.

You have made a truly fantastic magazine. When I see it in my letterbox I get very excited. Anyway it`s been a real pleasure. Through the podcasts and magazine I`ve really enjoyed getting to learn about Linux with you.


Thanks and good luck. Please

Thanks and good luck.
Please keep contributing
I loved the mag and podcasts

Sad to see you go

Bye Paul, You've done a great job.
Graham, does this mean there is an opening for a MythTV reviewer?

Sorry to hear you're leaving

Wow, what a shock. I've really enjoyed reading your articles, especially your focus on programming tutorials. I really wish you the best with the IT stuff. I'd love to write for LXF but I'm not sure I have the experience in neither Linux nor as a writer, but you've certainly made me think about it. All the best.

Respect and honor

Thank you for the inspiration to become a more adventurous Linux user over the years, Paul. You will be remembered well.

Thanks for getting away from Windows

Good luck in your new post Paul. I have only been reading Linux Format for around 8 months and your insight into the workings of Linux has got a new comer like me hooked on Linux.

Not looking for KDE love

Linux is tough but LXF has helped me make it my replacement for Windows and I now use it on all my platforms every day.

I post all sorts of idiotic questions on the forums but I'm still totally Linux after three years.

LXF and the forums have helped me stay faithful to Linux and I'm grateful to you, as editor, for making sure I haven't reverted to Windows.

Good luck in your new job.

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