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Stress testing

As regular forumers know, from issue 81 we'll be including the DVD inside the magazine rather than having it glued to the front. This has raised a few concerns that the in-binded disc won't be well protected, and prone to breakage (especially for overseas subscribers). So we headed over to LXF Towers' purpose-built stress testing facility to find out just how durable the discs will be -- using PC Answers as a demo. (PCA has recently moved to in-bound discs, and is about the same thickness as LXF.)

And here's the result: a U-shaped mag, with no damage caused to the disc. So rest assured readers, even if your postman is feeling particularly miffed one morning and doesn't give your shiny new copy of LXF the respect it deserves, your DVD should still be intact. Huzzah!

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