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Stolen Land Rover – 958 XYB

Look at this beautiful creature:

958 XYB – The Old Girl

She's a soft top 1962 Series IIA Land Rover. My old friend Cornish Jack built her up from a rotting hulk: he found her neglected in a barn, and had to evict a family of swallows that were nesting in her engine compartment as he restored her to her old glory. Unfortunately, she was stolen on Warminster Road, Bath sometime between Sunday 9 and Tuesday 11 April. 
When all his Cornish mates were spending their pocket money on scrumpy, Jack worked his paper round, saved and worked some more till he could afford to buy it from the farmer whose land it was rusting on, and with the help of his father and two brothers made her feel loved. I'll hand you over to Jack:

"She is black, short wheelbase, soft top with chrome 8-spoke wheels shod with General Grabber ATs.  Her paintwork is instantly recognisable as it is badly pitted and scarred following a chemical reaction with the primer [the patterns from the scarring look a bit like leopard print].  She is fitted with a 3.5 litre Rover V8 that has red exhaust manifolds and custom-built exhaust system.  The interior is completely standard with grey front seats and black bench seats in the rear. I have owned the Old Girl since I passed my driving test back in 1998 and she holds huge sentimental value to me and my family.  I may be contacted either by email (remove 'NOSPAM') or on 07747474173. Any help would be really appreciated."

The Old Girl in her natural habitat

The sad thing is that, despite all the love and the work that went in to restoring her, she's probably sitting in a barn, somewhere in the South West, waiting to be turned into scrap.
If you see her, please contact Jack on 07747474173 or the email address above.

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