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A sticky business

Should our next gift for subscribers be Linux-related stickers? This quote alone convinces me:

"Would love some stickers though to show where I've made my mark. Up to now I've been rubbing my scent on machines from a spare gland."

Now we just need lots more people saying roughly the same thing, and I think our subs team would be convinced...

Your comments

Hi! My first Linux was a


My first Linux was a box of SuSE 7.2, that I bought when it was released. There were several things I loved, one was the documentation (I learnt a lot. I didn't know anyone who used Linux then) and the other was the stickers. I have a chameleon sticked on my home monitor, and a "Powered by SuSE" at the job --though I use Kubuntu now.

It would be great to receive some stickers as subscriber, but I think it would be better if they could be included with the magazine.

In SFX, there have given sets of fridge magnets, one with Dr Who and other with Gosht in the Shell. That would be quite amazing too. Maybe you could ask them.


Stickers, Fridge Magnets,

Stickers, Fridge Magnets, Novelty Glasses - All welcome here. Anything to promote Linux and free software (and add to my guitar case) would be great.

I'd much prefer a Mike

I'd much prefer a Mike Saunders novelty horror mask...

Stickers are a nice idea;

Stickers are a nice idea; but I'm afraid that I didn't subscribe because of the USB flash drive (I got about 20 of them around here...), but because I knew I was going to by every issue anyway, and so I decided that I might just as well save some money.
Btw, you can get free Ubuntu stickers from one of the places listed here:

I'm already an overseas

I'm already an overseas subscriber so I never received the free gift.
I too subscribed based on pure economics, it would save me money compared to individual purchase and guaranteed I'd receive the issues.

Perhaps the stickers idea means that overseas subscribers could also benefit even on renewal?

What the hell, just chuck stickers in every publication. We'd all be happy and it would virally spread the word.
(BTW, what I'd really like is a PC case badge-type sticker with the metallic look. Am I pushing my luck?)

Thanks for the free stickers link, Roman, I'll make use of that. do domed PC do domed PC badges and I have bought some in the past to decorate my own PCs. My first box set of SuSE came with a similar badge, which I thought a nice gesture at the time. The one on my Lenovo laptop was already there when I bought it from Linux Emporium.
I think domed badges look a lot more stylish than the flat stickers on a PC, but I suppose the flat stickers can be larger and applied to almost anything.

Stickers are nice. They can

Stickers are nice. They can easily be done badly though. Either use funny Linux ones or just the hopefully-copyleft logos of some of the popular distributions. I know I'd like some Fedora ones.

I WOULD LOVE to get some

I WOULD LOVE to get some stickers... there is an empty space on my laptop which needs to be refilled appropriately ;)

I do remember the SuSE stickers from the 7.x boxed set. They were FANTASTIC!

How about a site of art to

How about a site of art to download the graphics to print our selves? I like the idea of stickers, but again since I am an oversea subscriber, don't know if I would ever get it. Like Linux, graphic selection is every thing. We don't need to be tied into a waving funny falg.

I would like to get

I would like to get something printed if it is put on this high quality sticker stuff that is used for laptop badges. Inkjet printouts would surely get smudged over.

I'd love some stuff to stick

I'd love some stuff to stick on the lid of my laptop. Perhaps an LXF promo sticker?

Ever since I saw a talk by one of the EFF guys who's laptop lid was invisible under stickers save for the glowing apple logo, I've been looking everywhere for stuff to stick on mine. So far I have a prodigy sticker (the music group), an EFF member sticker, and a Flexifoil kite sticker. They are looking kinda lonely.

I ripped off the "designed for windows xp" sticker ages ago, and would love a cynical/funny replacement!

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