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Why doesn't Mike like John Virgo? His dislike of him very nearly compromises Mike's review of VirgoFTP in the coming issue (only very nearly, because Mike is a consummate professional). I find it quite unfair.

I like it when John Virgo commentates on the snooker. I especially like it when a player pots a second colour or the cue ball by accident, and John urges, "Where's the white going? WHERE'S THE WHITE GOING?" He is a nice double act with any of the BBC commentators, I find – especially when he is with Dennis Taylor – and his voice is very nice to listen to. There is a slight lisp, and a pleasing northern accent.

I can't comment on his work in that TV programme with the trick shots, but as a commentator I think Virgo is great. Some people do say his commentary is a bit monotonous and that he was a rubbish player. Perhaps Mike is trying to get into those people's good books.

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